Since the release of his critically lauded debut album, Dead Language, in 2007, k.s. Rhoads has become  one  of  Nashville'ʹs most sought after collaborators. Whether as a string arranger, co-­songwriter,  producer, or multi-­instrumentalist, he has come to be regarded as one of the most creative minds in all of Music City. For the past few years, when Rhoads wasn't working on other artist's projects,he has been meticulously crafting new songs in his pursuit of a bolder, more explosive sound. Now, with his sophomore  album due out March 5th, fans will certainly not be disappointed. The Wilderness is a brave   exploration  of  k.s. Rhoads’ rare and expansive musical ideas.       

In  2008,  Rhoads  was  asked  to  be  one  of  the  artists,  as  well  as  the   bandleader,  of  a  highly  regarded  tour  of  Nashville  musicians  called   Ten  Out  of  Tenn,  and  this  tour  became  the  subject  of  a  critically   acclaimed  documentary  entitled  Any  Day  Now.  Other  Ten  out  of   Tenn  alumni  include  Joy  Williams  of  The  Civil  Wars,  Mikky  Ekko,   Ashley  Monroe  of  The  Pistol  Annies,  Butterfly  Boucher  and  Gabe   Dixon,  among  others.     

In  summer 2011, Rhoads was invited to perform with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra at WRLT’s, Live  On The Green. In front several thousand people, k.s. Rhoads and The Nashville Symphony Orchestra  hammered out over an hour of Rhoads' music, all of which was composed, written and arranged for the  orchestra by Rhoads himself. It was a first for both he and the orchestra.     

For the production on The Wilderness, Rhoads chose to collaborate with Cason Cooley (Matthew  Perryman  Jones, Derek Webb, Katie Herzig). Though they had known each other for years, this was the first time they  joined together on a major project. With Cooley’s subjective ear, Rhoads found the perfect  musical  sparring partner, and over the course of a year, they finished Rhoads second album.     

Refreshingly sincere, ferocious, and imaginative, The Wilderness offers impressionable and uniquely  relatable stories about life. Rhoads’ mastery of words along with his instinctive gift of composing confirms  his exquisite skills as a writer, arranger and producer. To no surprise, he was recently honored  with  the  ASCAP Foundation’s prestigious 2012 Sammy Cahn Lyricist Award, and was asked to perform in spring  2012 for the much-­celebrated TEDx talks. 

On the eve of the album’s March 5th release, k.s. Rhoads hopes fans  and listeners will get to the heart of the album, which he says, ʺis about the grappling with mankindʹs feeling of abandonment in this universe,  and the hope that against all odds, we can, and will, be illuminated."